Federation of Independent Markless Enclaves

Federation of Independent Markless Enclaves (FIME)

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Statistics (Out of 5)

  • Density of Marks: 0.5
  • Territorial Control: 0.5
  • Stability: 4.5


Given the treatment of the Markless in the American Quarter, a revolt was inevitable. Twenty-seven years ago, a mass uprising occured in which Markless of the American Quarter launched a civil war against the government, demanding the liberation and equality of the Markless. Although near equal in size, federal forces had better equipment and training, under-the-table financial support from the European Quarter and the Empire of Japan, as well as the marks themselves.

The fighting was brief with only four major battles fought, all ending with federal victory. Within two months the revolutionary army had been routed and scattered. While the government declared victory and began worming its way out of the controversy stirred up by accepting foreign aid, the rebels escaped and began to rebuild, scattering into territory where the military would not reach them.


The Federation is, from a territorial standpoint, beyond small. Consisting only of towns and villages scattered across remote distances, FIME outposts dot the the Pacific Northwest, the jungles of South and Central America, and especially the Mojave-Sonoran Desert, Colorado Plateau, and Lower Rocky Mountains.

Most towns are almost completely self-sufficient, taking whatever they can off of the local land and acquiring the rest from smuggling and Marked sympathizers. Due to their isolated location and independence from one another, they are difficult to find and even harder to reach. Because of this, the army will often ignore FIME settlements unless they reveal themselves too close to key positions or launch raids for supplies.


The citizens of FIME are almost entirely Markless, with the few Marked living among them tolerated only for the skills they can provide the village. Even so, they are often viewed with suspicion and fear, with witch hunts to find “loyalists” common for Marked who are not trusted by the community.

The people of FIME are still fiercely loyal to the ideals of the former revolution, with most citizens being former rebels or their immediate families. Because of this, most settlements accept renegade Markless fleeing from their masters with open arms, offering them protection and a safe haven.


While lacking a traditional standing army, almost all towns have a defense force of some sort to protect themselves from outside attack. While most townspeople will join the fight in times of emergency, the small number of people in a village means that most of these forces will be unable to withstand an organized attack by federal troops.

To compensate for this shortcoming, the soldiers of the FIME focus heavily on guerrilla warfare, favoring ambushes and hit-and-run tactics as opposed to conventional military doctrine. These skills have led some squads to sell their services to foreign nations as mercenaries in exchange for supplies and weapons for their towns.

Complimenting their irregular tactics, as well as to effectively combat Marks, FIME units rely heavily on firearms and explosives in order to attack their enemies from range. Many of these weapons have been augmented using the abilities of their Marked allies, allowing them to simulate the effects of certain marks.

Federation of Independent Markless Enclaves

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