The Asian Quarter

The Asian Quarter

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Statistics (Out of 5)

  • Density of Marks: 1
  • Territorial Control: 4
  • Stability: 3.5


The government for most of the Asian Quarter is fitting for that of a subjugated continent, and while exact methods do very from colony they typically manifest as either a viceroyalty or under the control of a company granted charter by the Council of the Marked.


Much like the African continent, most of the Asian Quarter has been carved up into territories, with England land spanning from the Middle East to India as well as Australia, Russia controlling the northern half of the quarter, France claiming modern day Vietnam and few enclaves in the Himalayas, and the Dutch controlling most of the Indonesian Islands. What little territory remains is under the jurisdiction of the Empire of Japan.


Aside from the governing body and military and economic leaders, the Marked are almost never found on the Asian Quarter outside the empire. And while there are a few European colonists, most are entrepreneurs or owners of business and plantations that send resourced back to the west.

Because of this, nearly all people living on the continent are subjugated; and while leaders are careful to avoid treatment that could lead to revolts they are nonetheless harsh and indiscriminate when ruling over the Markless.

The Asian Quarter

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