Resources for Baroque Bloodlines

Table of Contents

Information for Building Characters

  • Point Limit: 200
  • Disadvantage Limit: -75
  • Quirk Limit: -5
  • TL: 5
  • Theme Coherency Rule: In use (Note that Marks are an acceptable explanation for supernatural or exotic traits).
  • Required Traits:
    • Markless require Social Stigma (Second-Class Citizen) and (Subjugated).
    • Marked require at least one supernatural or exotic advantage and the Distinctive Features (Mark) quirk.

Books Used in the Campaign

  • GURPS Basic Set
  • GURPS Fantasy
  • GURPS High-Tech
  • GURPS Martial Arts
  • GURPS Magic
  • GURPS Powers

Potential Character Themes

  • The Markless who Manifests
  • The Rebellious Scion
  • The Arena Champion
  • The Exile
  • The Faraway Mystic
  • The Null
  • The Marksman


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