The American Quarter

The American Quarter

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Statistics (Out of 5)

  • Density of Marks: 4
  • Territorial Control: 3.5
  • Stability: 4


The American Quarter’s government is fairly similar to the one in place for the United States of the real world. Power is divided between the executive branch headed by the president and their cabinet, a congress consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives, and a Supreme Court as the head of a judicial system.


The major difference in the American Quarter’s government is that the executive branch has reduced power and serves almost exclusively to enforce the laws of the congress and to house the bureaucracy required to do so. The exception to this is in the role of war, over which the president has total regulatory control.


Due to the quarter’s position as an economic world power, citizens of the American Quarter have the one of the highest of standards of living among the quarters. Their prosperity is so great that even the “lower class” is far above poverty.

For the Markless however, the American Quarter is perhaps the worst place on the planet to live. Not only do laws make the Markless slaves in all but name, they suffer extreme prejudice from the Marked to the point that the act killing of a Markless is viewed destruction of property rather than murder.

The American Quarter

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