The European Quarter

The European Quarter

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Statistics (Out of 5)

  • Density of Marks: 5
  • Territorial Control: 4.5
  • Stability: 3.5


The government of the European Quarter is closer to a confederation than a unified whole. Although the quarter as a whole is governed by the Council of the Marked, they are are individual free and independent nation-states.


Despite the quarter’s position as a coalition rather than a unified nation, most of the nation-states are fairly similar from a political standpoint. With all of the modern day governments having emerged from The Great Uprising, they are all based from the same mold. Despite having a similar structure of a legislative house and elected prime minister, the nuances and customs that separate the nation-states give each of them a unique variation of the base.


The societies of the European Quarter are what we often consider to be “high society”. The upper class is fairly refined and in fact quite similar to the royal families they have succeeded. Meanwhile, the middle and lower classes are less affluent than those of the upper houses but are still able to live comfortably.

The Markless living in the European Quarter are typically reserved as servants and laborers, and while they cannot be afforded many of the privileges of the Marked they still are relatively better off than those in other quarters.

The European Quarter

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